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Tasting Koreans' favorite non-alcoholic beverages [VIDEO]

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Video by Yun Da-been

Did you know that drinking non-alcohlic beverages is a growing trend among young Koreans?

It seems like young Koreans are trying to pursue a healthier lifestyle during Covid-19, so we also brought some of the most popular non-alcoholic beverages to find out how they taste like.

And did you know that not all non-alcohlic drinks are 100% non-alcoholic? As we taste each one of them, we are going to talk about the trend, how drinks are classified as non-alcoholic, and more.

And stay till the end to watch if we passed the blind test!!

*Hite Zero, Balwangsan Makgeolli, Sooble Sooble have been provided by beverage companies HiteJinro, Ilwha, and Sooble Sooble.

Lee Min-young minlee@koreatimes.co.kr

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