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Eland Group appoints MZ Generation CEOs

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By Kim Hyun-bin

Eland Group has appointed young CEOS to enhance communication with and understanding of the "MZ Generation," consisting of people born between approximately 1981 and 2005, which is the key customer base of the corporation.

The group appointed An Young-hun to head Eland Retail and Hwang Sung-yun as the CEO of Eland Eats.

Eland Retail CEO An Young-hun
Eland Retail CEO An Young-hun
An, born in 1981, is the youngest CEO within the distribution industry. He specializes in global business with experience leading overseas businesses including in China and Europe. He successfully launched a children's wear line and also found success in women's clothing generating annual sales of 400 billion won in China.

Hwang was appointed as CEO of Eland Eats, which operates several well-known restaurants brands such as ASHLEY and Nature Kitchen. Born in 1982, he is also the youngest CEO in his industry.

Even amid the COVID-19 pandemic, Hwang initiated a home meal replacement (HMR) delivery service and launched an upgraded ASHLEY QUEENS, earning recognition for his innovative project management.

Eland Group has found success with appointing young CEOs to its affiliates in recent years. In 2019, Choi Won-sik was appointed as CEO of Eland World at age 40, and Yoon Sung-dae became Eland Park CEO at age 38.

Eland Eats CEO Hwang Sung-yun
Eland Eats CEO Hwang Sung-yun
Choi was able to record 500 billion won in sales for the New Balance shoe brand amid the pandemic, while Yoon has been recognized for strengthening the company's financial structure and leisure-related businesses.

"We have appointed young CEOs to better understand and communicate with the MZ Generation, which is our key client base," an Eland Group official said. "We have high hopes for the young CEOs to push online transitions and launch innovative new business projects."

Kim Hyun-bin hyunbin@koreatimes.co.kr

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