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Steak chef with 20 years of expertise introduces 'Dream Burger'

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By Jun Ji-hye

Burton Yi, the head chef at Grand Hyatt Jeju's Steak House located within Jeju Dream Tower, is a world-class chef specializing in steak, as he started his career with Austrian-born celebrity chef Wolfgang Puck who is cited as one of the world's best steak chefs.

Chef Burton Yi / Courtesy of Jeju Dream Tower
Chef Burton Yi / Courtesy of Jeju Dream Tower
Yi worked at various Puck restaurants, from the flagship two-Michelin-star restaurant Spago Beverly Hills, to one-Michelin-star CUT Singapore.

After leaving Puck, Yi ventured out to Macao and became the executive chef at Wynn Palace's SW Steakhouse, which has the sole distinction of being the only steakhouse to receive a Forbes five-star rating.

After joining Grand Hyatt Jeju in July, he has put his 20-year steak knowhow to use in launching the "Dream Burger," which contains quality ingredients including U.S. prime beef.

"I use a blend of three different cuts of U.S. beef ― chuck roll, brisket and short rib. The chuck and brisket give a great 'beefy' flavor, while the short rib enhances the mixture as the fat in the short rib does not render as fast," Yi said during an interview with The Korea Times.

"In lieu of the typical lettuce and tomatoes and ketchup, I top the burger simply with aged cheddar cheese, crispy shallots, slices of smoked bacon and an onion jam made from Jeju onions that are abundant here. Last but not least, the secret sauce that brings everything together, is the jalapeno mayonnaise."

The "Dream Burger" introduced recently by chef Burton Yi at Grand Hyatt Jeju's Steak House / Courtesy of Jeju Dream Tower

He continued, "This is my dream burger that I want to share with all the people that visit us here at the Steak House restaurant."

Yi noted he started dreaming of becoming a chef while watching his grandmother, who helped raise him, make meals for the family.

"Food always tasted best when she made it. She was the first person to show me the love of food and the power it has to bring people together," he said. "Because this way of thinking was instilled in me at an early age, I suppose I've always known that I wanted to be a chef."

Jun Ji-hye

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