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LG's flexible displays to be featured at London art exhibition

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LG's OLED display panels used to create flower-like works of art displayed on the ceiling at
LG's OLED display panels used to create flower-like works of art displayed on the ceiling at "180 The Strand" art gallery in London. The exhibition running through Dec. 18 presents the works of 12 artists with LG's flexible display panels. Courtesy of LG Electronics

By Kim Bo-eun

LG is increasing its collaboration with artists to present their works using its premium display panels.

LG Electronics said Sunday that its flexible displays will be featured at a media art exhibition in London that will be held through the end of this year.

A total of 100 organic light-emitting diode (OLED) displays will be used to show nine out of 13 pieces of art, created by 12 teams of renowned artists, at the art gallery "180 The Strand" through Dec. 18, LG said.

The exhibition will present the works of artists such as the U.K. performance stage designer Es Devlin. Korean teams represented by Seoul National University professor Park Je-seong and media artist unit a'strict are also taking part.

LG's OLED displays have been used for a piece that appears as a blossoming flower by uniting six bendable displays. LG said its display panels were best suited to present this work of art, because of their flexibility and self-lighting technology that does not require backlights.

A'strict is presenting a peony blossom via LG's transparent OLED. The pixels on the transparent OLED are self-lit and boast LG's picture quality. LG Display is currently the world's only display maker with the technology to make transparent OLED displays panels.

LG said it will continue using its OLED display panels in collaboration with artists.

"Based on LG's leading self-lighting technology in the industry, we will consolidate the premium standing of LG's OLED TVs by expanding clients in various sectors," Park Hyoung-sei, the head of the home electronics business at LG Electronics, was quoted as saying in a press release.

LG is seeking diverse applications for its premium OLED display panels, such as subways, shops, hotels and art galleries.

Kim Bo-eun

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