MAMAMOO's Hwasa wants to apologize to people around her with new track 'I'm a B' - Korea Times
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MAMAMOO's Hwasa wants to apologize to people around her with new track 'I'm a B'

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Hwasa of K-pop girl group MAMAMOO poses during an online media event Wednesday. Courtesy of RBW
Hwasa of K-pop girl group MAMAMOO poses during an online media event Wednesday. Courtesy of RBW

By Dong Sun-hwa

Since her solo debut with the 2019 single "Twit," Hwasa of K-pop girl group MAMAMOO has been sharing her personal anecdotes in her solo releases, giving a sneak peek into her life beyond the facade.

"I'm a B," the lead single off her newest EP "Guilty Pleasure" that dropped Wednesday afternoon, is no exception. In penning the lyrics for the song, the 26-year-old singer has attempted to offer an apology to the people around her who she could not pay closer attention to.

"Through the lyrics, I tried to say sorry to my family and friends in a witty way, without making a direct apology," Hwasa said during an online press conference Wednesday that took place a few hours ahead of the EP's release. "I think I missed out on a lot of things in my life as I worked too hard to move forward. In fact, I was hysterical and overly sensitive at times… I also did not take good care of people next to me and I felt guilty about that. Therefore, I wanted to express these feelings with the song."

But she added that at first, she was reluctant to write the lyrics on her own.

"I was hesitant in the beginning because I knew I would not be able to satisfy myself," she explained. "But in the end, I decided to pen my own lyrics, as I'm a B is a story about myself. And this is my first time to team up with non-Korean music producers... I'm a B is an addictive tune with a trendy sound."

The title of the song ― "I'm a B" ― has a dual meaning, according to the K-pop star. "B" refers to both a pejorative word in English, and the similar-sounding Korean word "bit," meaning "light."

"When I concentrate on doing something, such as working on music, I often torture myself and become quite hysterical," Hwasa said. "That is why I used the b-word to describe myself in the tune, asking people for some understanding. On top of that, I also believe I am the light of my own life."

In the same vein, the title of the album ― "Guilty Pleasure" ― also speaks to her.

"I had been gearing up for this EP for more than a year and during that period, I frequently felt like I was lost," she said. "I went through a tough time to achieve musical maturity, so I could not just enjoy the preparation process. But still, I loved working on music and the entire process helped me take a further leap in my career. So based on these complex thoughts and feelings, I decided to name my EP Guilty Pleasure."

"Guilty Pleasure" also carries two more pieces including "FOMO" and "Bless U." Hwasa revealed that "FOMO," or "Fear of Missing Out," is an anthem about overcoming fear.

"FOMO has a link to my next release, although I cannot provide more details right now," the singer hinted. "In the case of Bless U, it is a lyrical song, in which I took part in the rap."

During the press event, Hwasa, who has been continuing her winning streak as a soloist, also disclosed how she tried to differentiate "Guilty Pleasure" from her previous hit EP "Maria" (2020).

"I think Maria was a bit weighty, so I attempted to lower the weight this time," she noted. "And I worked harder on the visual aspects, so that the photos included in the album would stand out."

Hwasa wrapped up the session by revealing that she has already reached her goal with her fresh release.

"Due to the protracted COVID-19 pandemic, I felt like I was losing my identity," said the singer, who could not perform in front of massive crowds due to the global health crisis. "That made me feel blue, but as I prepared for the new EP, I finally figured out who I was. So I believe I already made an accomplishment with Guilty Pleasure."

Dong Sun-hwa

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