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Outstanding elementary school students

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Cui is diligent high-achiever with strong leadership skills

Born to Chinese parents, Cui Yun-zhi is a sixth grader at Yangji Elementary School in Yongin, Gyeonggi Province. She is an exemplary student with strong leadership skills.
Cui Yun-zhi
Cui Yun-zhi

After serving as the leader of the school's student representative group in the spring semester this year, Cui was elected class leader for the fall semester. She communicates effectively with her classmates and teachers, while taking a leading role in school volunteer activities.

Cui is also a self-driven, diligent student with remarkable grades in all subjects including Korean, English and mathematics. She strives for development in every subject.

She is also praised by many for her warm-hearted and thoughtful attitude toward others. She does not hesitate to help classmates in need. Her dream is to become a doctor in the future. Other than her academic achievements, Cui shows respect for the elderly and encourages others to do so too.

Mandigo is a well-rounded student with passion in sports and multilingual skills

Born to a Canadian father and Korean mother, Gina Kim Mandigo, a second grader at Gyeokdong Elementary School in the southeastern city of Ulsan, is a multi-talented student with a passion in sports and music as well as foreign languages.

Gina Kim Mandigo
Gina Kim Mandigo
Her hobbies are ice hockey and gymnastics. As leader of the Ulsan Warriors junior hockey team, she encourages her teammates during practices and games. She has also shown her musical talents by playing the violin and singing. To overcome stage fright, Mandigo did not hesitate to challenge herself by participating in multiple singing and speech contests.

Last year, she won the silver medal in the Bilingual Speech Contest held by the Ulsan Provincial Education Office. To the surprise of teachers, she successfully gave a speech in French, a language she had learnt from her father in less than two years.

The 10-year-old girl has traveled to over 10 countries, which has helped her develop her global diversity awareness. As a student from a multicultural background, she likes to share with her friends her deep understanding of ethnic and cultural diversity.

Mandigo currently engages in volunteer activities with her father in the non-government organization We HOPE, and dreams of becoming a volunteer with the United Nations in the future.

Lee Hyo-jin


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