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Outstanding volunteer

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Dedicated teacher Lee helps children from multicultural backgrounds

Lee Eun-og, 57, a teacher-librarian at Gonjiam High School in Gwangju, Gyeonggi Province, is dedicated to supporting children of multicultural backgrounds.
Lee Eun-og
Lee Eun-og
Since she began working at the school in 2019, Lee has helped many students from multicultural families, as well as those from foreign countries, adapt to school life. Not only did she support the students in learning the Korean language by helping them to read books and write essays, she also came up with creative activities using newspapers.

There are currently about 20 students from multicultural backgrounds at Gonjiam High School, and Lee has made the library a comfortable environment where they can freely gather to chat about their school life, read books and do assignments together.

Lee also supported third graders with career planning. She offered consultations to students who struggle to find information about universities, helping them narrow down their career paths and college major options. She has also helped them write cover letters for college applications.

Lee Hyo-jin


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