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NewJeans, Apple join hands to bring immersive audio experience

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Members of K-pop girl group NewJeans pose during a media event at Apple Gangnam, Wednesday. Courtesy of Apple Korea
Members of K-pop girl group NewJeans pose during a media event at Apple Gangnam, Wednesday. Courtesy of Apple Korea

By Dong Sun-hwa

Visitors to Apple's new retail shop in Gangnam can enjoy the latest release by K-pop girl group NewJeans, "OMG," in a fully immersive environment for free.

The U.S. tech behemoth ― which will open Apple Gangnam on Friday ― has joined forces with the quintet to elevate people's audio experience to the next level through its spatial audio technology. This cutting-edge technology provides a sense of space for listeners, making them feel like they are at a concert.

"We thought 'OMG' was the right fit for this collaborative project that could maximize synergy with the spatial audio technology," NewJeans member Hanni said during a press event at Apple Gangnam in southern Seoul, Wednesday. "It has bouncy drum sounds and highlights each member's distinctive vocal style. I think it will sound very entertaining thanks to this technology. Listeners can hear different sounds depending on the direction of their heads."

Hyein elaborated, "They may feel like NewJeans members are singing in front of them or right next to them."

Minji explained that the group wanted to offer a special moment for its fans through the collaboration.

"We have received so much love since our debut, which we have always wanted to repay," she said. "That's why we decided to participate in this project, hoping our followers can have a special experience via the spatial audio technology."

Haerin added, "The lively sounds will enable them to feel like they are building special rapport with us."

Apple Gangnam / Courtesy of Apple Korea
Apple Gangnam / Courtesy of Apple Korea

Beginning on April 1, anyone visiting Apple Gangnam on Friday and Saturday from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. can participate in a 15-minute pop-up program and enjoy "OMG" with the spatial audio technology. It is part of Apple's "Today at Apple" session that intends to let its customers learn, create and be inspired in hands-on sessions at Apple stores.

The media event took place two days before Apple Gangnam's official launch. Apple opened its first store in Korea ― Apple Garosugil ― in 2018 and set up three more stores in Yeouido, Myeong-dong and Jamsil.

The new store will offer Apple's latest products such as the new iPhone 14.

"We are excited to deepen our relationship with local customers by opening up another Apple store here in Korea," Patrick Schuerpf, Apple's director of retail business in Asia, said during the press event. "Our expert team is ready to show and help them explore Apple's latest products and services. We are excited to help them learn new skills with programs like 'Today at Apple.' We have 800 retail team members in Korea and 140 of them are right here in this new store. In addition to Korean, they speak many other languages including Mandarin, Japanese, Thai, French, English, Spanish and German."

Dong Sun-hwa


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