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'BLACKPINK THE GAME' showcases group's unique charm

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BLACKPINK has been featured in a new mobile game with the global release of BLACKPINK THE GAME. Courtesy of YG Entertainment
BLACKPINK has been featured in a new mobile game with the global release of BLACKPINK THE GAME. Courtesy of YG Entertainment

By Jung Han-byul

A new mobile game featuring BLACKPINK has arrived, where players can control the digital avatars of Jennie, Jisoo, Rose and Lisa.

BLACKPINK THE GAME officially launched worldwide on May 18, giving players the opportunity to become a producer who helps BLACKPINK members grow their careers within the in-game metaverse. The game's developer, TakeOne Company, says the team worked hard to capitalize on BLACKPINK's global appeal for the game.

Upon launching the game, players are cheerfully greeted onscreen by the members of BLACKPINK, before creating a nickname for their new characters.

Set in an alternate reality where BLACKPINK members have yet to make their debut, the player's task is to help their careers by producing albums, marketing them and developing merchandise.

Throughout the game, players can interact with various characters based on real-life music industry figures like Teddy, Down MD and Manager Gun. The collection of photo cards which are needed to progress through the story is another addictive aspect of the game.

The game also introduces players to BLACKPINK World, a place where they can interact with other online players across the globe with the use of emojis. The style shop allows users to customize the avatars of BLACKPINK members with a wide array of different hairstyles, outfits and accessories. The game's release has been met with a lot of buzz, being named the featured game of the week on both Google Play and the Apple App Store.

BLACKPINK has recently unveiled a 3D avatar music video for
BLACKPINK has recently unveiled a 3D avatar music video for "Ready for Love," a special track for the game "PUBG Mobile." Courtesy of YG Entertainment

This isn't BLACKPINK's first endeavor into gaming. The metaverse platform Zepeto has a map called BLACKPINK House that users can visit, where they can admire various photos and videos of BLACKPINK or even take part in role-playing as music executives or aspiring musicians.

YG Entertainment had previously said, "BLACKPINK is expanding its outreach to global fans through strategic collaborations with metaverse platforms. In 2020, BLACKPINK partnered with AR service provider Zepeto to release a new video for 'Ice Cream' and conducted the world's first virtual reality autograph session." BLACKPINK also drew the attention of online users with the release of a 3D avatar music video for their special track "Ready for Love," a single produced for the game PUBG Mobile.

BLACKPINK's foray into gaming sets them apart from other K-pop artists in the industry. These immersive and interactive games not only appeal to gaming enthusiasts but also help long-time fans create new memories and feel more connected to BLACKPINK members. The inclusion of BLACKPINK's music and stylish outfits within the game is also expected to lead to more merchandise sales in the real world.

BLACKPINK commands a massive global following and their presence in various games may contribute to the overall gaming industry. Anticipation is running high over the next gaming content featuring BLACKPINK, the first K-pop girl group to achieve the remarkable feat of topping the U.S. Billboard album chart.

Jung Han-byul ( is a reporter at The Hankook Ilbo, a sister publication of The Korea Times. This article, previously published in The Hankook Ilbo, has been translated as part of a news-sharing program.
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