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Renault Korea appoints new sales, marketing executives for leap forward

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By Kim Jae-heun

Renault Korea Motors has reorganized its sales and marketing team and appointed new executives in an effort to achieve a rebound in the domestic market, the company said Monday.

Emmanuel Al-Nawakil, sales and marketing division chief of Renault Korea Motors
Emmanuel Al-Nawakil, sales and marketing division chief of Renault Korea Motors
The move is aimed to bring fresh industrial expertise to the organization through a total revamp of its commercial strategy to better respond to market demands.
"We recognize the challenges we have faced in recent times, and I am excited to have a new sales and marketing leadership team to lead our commercial goals," Renault Korea CEO Stephane Deblaise said.

Emmanuel Al-Nawakil, the newly appointed chief of Renault Korea's sales and marketing division, brings a wealth of international experience and sales expertise to the role, having successfully led Alpine's growth as vice president for sales and operations.

With an impressive track record of driving sales momentum for Volkswagen Group and PSA, he is well-prepared to navigate the dynamic landscape of the Korean market and to steer the business as a thriving automotive technology company as a member of its executive committee.

Lim Dong-kun, product strategy operations chief of Renault Korea Motors
Lim Dong-kun, product strategy operations chief of Renault Korea Motors
Along with the appointment of the new sales and marketing division chief, Renault Korea invites marketing professionals to take proactive steps toward revitalizing its market presence and fortifying its position in the domestic market.

Lim Dong-kun, the newly appointed product strategy operation chief, is a veteran of product marketing from domestic carmakers and the high-tech industry.

New Brand Strategy Operation Chief Ha Eun-young is a brand marketing expert with abundant experience in brand building in the lifestyle and financial industry. She will rejuvenate the Renault Korea brand strategy with her global and domestic expertise.

Lee Won-seon, who is tapped as the new marketing communications operations chief, has a track record in the automotive industry and other high-paced consumer goods markets and will roll out online and offline touchpoints with customers in a vibrant manner.

Park Hae-jung, the new performance and e-commerce operation chief, was recruited from the group's Mobilize Financial Services, formerly Renault Financial Services Korea. She will lead a commercial drive in marketing with her strengths in finance, insurance and entrepreneurial abilities.

"Now we built up a new stronger marketing team that leads customer-centric campaigns and creative brand and product strategies creating synergy with the senior director of sales and network and the new chief marketing officer on the process to the post," Deblaise said. "I am confident that the company will regain our competitive edge and accelerate the journey toward a thriving automotive tech company."

Kim Jae-heun


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