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VIDEOMeet creators behind Korea's most popular virtual idol

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Video by Lim So-yeon

The second episode of our "Unique K-pop culture" series highlights virtual idol group, MAVE:. We recently had the opportunity to meet its creators at Metaverse Entertainment, who shared some behind-the-scene stories about the quartet that has been taking the music scene by storm since its debut in January.

MAVE: is not the first virtual idol group to grace the entertainment scene. But group integrates the essence of K-pop into its virtual persona. This fusion of traditional idol elements with cutting-edge technology allows the group to resonate with audiences on a deeper level, making MAVE: a standout act in the rapidly evolving landscape of virtual entertainment.

Metaverse Entertainment aspires to continue pioneering the virtual human culture, with the goal of making it the "new normal" in the entertainment industry.

Yun Da-been


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