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Han Ji-min, Lee Joon-hyuk to star in new romance series

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Actors Han Ji-min, left, and Lee Joon-hyuk / Courtesy of BH Entertainment and Ace Factory

By Lee Gyu-lee

Actors Han Ji-min and Lee Joon-hyuk will co-star in SBS' upcoming romance series, "Between Greeting" (direct translation).

The broadcaster announced that the two actors have accepted the lead roles in the new series.

The series will follow a romance between a CEO and her assistant. Han will play the role of an egotistical CEO who runs her own headhunting business. She's confident and is good at her job, but is clueless when it comes to anything outside her work.

Lee plays the CEO's assistant who is also a single father. He is warm and considerate and is good at looking after his boss.

"The sharp-witted CEO has been in the cutthroat world of headhunting where you get ruthlessly discarded if you can't prove your worth. And when she experiences the care and attention of her assistant, who helps her with everything, she undergoes changes over time," the broadcaster said. "We will put our utmost effort to create this series with the best actors and present it to the audiences."

The new series is scheduled to be broadcast next year.

Lee Gyu-lee


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