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Cadero Grip introduces hybrid golf grip product

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Cadero Hybrid Grip / Courtesy of Cadero Grip

Cadero Hybrid Grip / Courtesy of Cadero Grip

By Jhoo Dong-chan

Cadero Grip, a golf club grip maker, has introduced a new, unconventional hybrid grip product.

Unlike traditional grips made of synthetic rubber, the new grip is made of natural latex rubber, offering more resistance to mold and bacteria. It gives golfers heightened comfort during swings.

"Cadero Hybrid Grip isn't conventional. Crafted to boost golfers' performance through optimal comfort, its distinctive design promises entirely unique experiences for users," a company official said.

The grip features a tiger design for men and a plum for women. Under the slogan of the "best grip on the planet," Cadero Grip has strived to upgrade the quality of its products.

Using natural rubber for its products, the company's lineup fits perfectly with any golfers, the company official said. "Cadero Grip products are also eco-friendly. We do not use artificial resins or synthetic rubbers in order to keep our products eco-friendly."

Compared to other grips that need to be glued to the golf club, they are easier to remove and adjust with an air compressor.

Cadero Grip also participated in this year's PGA Show held in Orlando, Florida, in January.

Jhoo Dong-chan


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