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Ukrainian embassy condemns scheduled performance of Russian violinist in Seoul

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An image reads

An image reads "Peace for Ukraine" depicting the Ukrainian flag against a backdrop at the Seoul Metropolitan Library in Seoul, March 8. Korea Times photo by Choi Joo-yeon

By Kim Hyun-bin

The Embassy of Ukraine in Seoul issued a statement Monday denouncing the scheduled performance of Russian violinist Vladimir Spivakov at the upcoming Classical Bridge International Music Festival in Seoul.

Vladimir Spivakov, a prominent figure in the world of classical music, has been criticized for his vocal support of the war waged by Russia against Ukraine.

Since the onset of Russia's assault on Ukraine on Feb. 20, 2014, when Russia invaded the Crimean Peninsula, part of Ukraine, to annex it, Spivakov has openly condoned the actions of the Russian government.

The embassy highlighted Spivakov's role as a member of the Russian Presidential Council on Culture and Arts, alongside other notable figures such as Valery Gergiev and Svetlana Zakharova, who have also endorsed Russia's aggression against Ukraine.

This endorsement includes signing an open letter in March 2014 in support of Russian President Vladimir Putin's actions despite international condemnation.

The statement further underscored the Russian regime's exploitation of culture to justify war, propagate imperialism and commit acts of genocide.

Additionally, it pointed out Russia's violation of U.N. Security Council resolutions by providing weapon technologies to North Korea, which are used to shell Ukrainian cities and kill civilians.

The Embassy of Ukraine said that showcasing performers affiliated with the aggressor-state amounts to legitimizing Russian aggression and disregarding the suffering of the Ukrainian people.

It called upon international partners to suspend cultural cooperation with the Russian regime and its representatives as a means of condemning unjustified aggression.

"While recognizing the importance of pluralism of opinion and cultural exchange, we urge our international partners to join us in standing against the criminal actions of the Russian regime," the embassy said in the satement.

Kim Hyun-bin


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