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T'way Air passengers stranded at airport for 11 hours after technical issues

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T'way Air / Courtesy of T'way Air

T'way Air / Courtesy of T'way Air

By Jung Min-ho

Passengers of T'way Air who were bound for Osaka, Japan, were stranded at Incheon International Airport for 11 hours because of technical issues, the airport operator said on Friday.

According to Incheon International Airport Corporation, the airline's flight (TW283) carrying 310 passengers had initially been scheduled to take off at 12:05 p.m. the previous day.

However, the passengers were later informed that the takeoff would be delayed due to technical malfunctions. After a protracted delay, the pilot eventually allowed the passengers to leave the airplane, with 204 of them choosing to do so.

At 11:04 p.m., almost 11 hours after the original schedule, the flight got off the ground.

The T'way customers who gave up their trip that day received a refund for their flight tickets. In contrast, the remaining 106 passengers were given 100,000 won ($72) in compensation when they arrived at Kansai International Airport.

Jung Min-ho


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