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LA comic comes to Seoul for Ladies' Night

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Stand-up comedian Julie Weidmann / Courtesy of Julie Weidmann
Stand-up comedian Julie Weidmann / Courtesy of Julie Weidmann

By Jon Dunbar

Some of the funniest women in Korea will take to the stage for Ladies' Night Comedy Show this Friday night.

Produced by Kristen Pimley of Stand Up Seoul and Fernando of Dark de Gary Comedy Club, the show features five female comedians from around the world. Headlining the one-night event will be Julie Weidmann, who's traveling all the way from Los Angeles for the occasion.

When asked how the organizers convinced her to come to Korea, Weidmann told The Korea Times, "Absolutely no convincing was necessary. I am thrilled to be making my first trip to South Korea and performing in Seoul."

Weidmann has performed at comedy clubs across the U.S., as well as appearing on Sirius XM, Boston Comedy Festival, Coachella Improv/Comedy Festival, "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" and Plano Comedy Festival.

She also stayed busy throughout the pandemic, focusing on her writing and doing online shows.

"It was fantastic in the sense that you could do a show in New York, Colorado and Los Angeles in the course of an evening without leaving your home," she said. "However, it's just not the same and there can be timing and sound issues. Honestly, nothing beats the energy and spark of an in-person crowd. I'm so glad that is back."

Despite doing online shows organized in the U.K. and Belgium, she admits that she doesn't have that much experience performing overseas. But that doesn't worry her.

"I feel like the joys and frustrations that are intrinsic to the human experience can be a universal source of comedy," she said. "I believe we all have more in common than we think if we're honest."

She added that it's important to be mindful of the expectations of different cultures and how one is expected to conduct themselves.

"I've been reading up on etiquette for South Korea so hopefully I won't embarrass myself ― I mean, unintentionally," she added.

For her time here, she's put together a to-do list of what she wants to see and do. "I am very excited to check out the food scene," she said. Some locals are taking us for a palace meal. I want to ride rail bikes in Nami Island, explore the spa culture and just walk around and take in the sites. I'll probably drop by the improv theater while I'm there. I guess pretty touristy stuff."

It's possible some of her experiences in the country will influence her comedy material.

"I'll naturally do some of that and want to talk about my experience and perception of Korea as well as how I feel I am perceived," she said. "I'm sure there will be things to explore in that."

She mentioned that she's checking on some of her cultural references that might be too specific to the U.S., and seeing if there are more suitable ones to use in her set here. "Ultimately, I'd like everyone to be able to relate to what I'm talking about so whatever I can do to facilitate that I will."

There should be a lot of cross-cultural baggage on stage, as she'll be sharing it with local-based women from Korea, India as well as her own country ― Pimley and Alisha Feitosa from the U.S., Ishita Sharma from India and Choi Ki Moon from Korea. As well, the night will be hosted by Rory Kelly, a U.K. resident of Seoul.

"I am really looking forward to performing in Seoul," Weidmann said. "I am excited to meet people while I'm there so come out and say hi. We're going to have a spectacular night of female-forward comedy thanks to Fernando, Kristen Pimley, Dark De Gary Comedy and Stand Up Seoul so come join us!"

The event will be held at Funtastic Theater at Yongnidan-gil (which appears to be getting branded as the Gyeongnidan-gil of the area near Sinyongsan Station on Seoul Metro Line 4). Doors open at 8 p.m. Tickets cost 20,000 won and can be purchased online in advance. Visit or for more information.


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