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Korea, Saudi Arabia celebrate 93rd Saudi National Day, vow stronger cooperation

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Saudi Arabian Ambassador to Korea Sami Alsadhan gives welcome speech during the 93rd National Day Ceremony held at the Four Seasons Hotel Seoul, Friday. Korea Times photo by Kim Hyun-bin

By Kim Hyun-bin

A celebration in commemoration of the 93rd National Day of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia took place in Seoul, Friday, bringing together dignitaries and officials from the Kingdom and Korea. The occasion not only observed the founding of Saudi Arabia but also showcased the enduring and prospering relations between the nations.

"The Kingdom celebrates this year, with its slogan 'We Dream, and We Achieve,' an expression of the ambitions of these people that have become realistic for a nation that enjoys progress and prosperity," Saudi Ambassador to Korea Sami Alsadhan said in his speech.

During these celebrations, the spotlight brightly illuminated Saudi-Korean relations, which have been experiencing noteworthy growth and advancement across various sectors.

"We are celebrating today while Saudi-Korean relations are witnessing remarkable developments in various fields within a strategic partnership that establishes deeper, broader and more comprehensive cooperation," Alsadhan said.

"We recall with pride the course of these relations since their establishment in 1962, we look forward with determination to the bright prospects for the future of these relations in order to achieve the aspirations of the two friendly Saudi and Korean leaderships and peoples."

Recent developments have ushered in a new era of cooperation between Korea and Saudi Arabia, extending beyond the realms of traditional energy and construction infrastructure into cutting-edge industries such as smart cities and mobility.

At a summit meeting held in November last year, President Yoon Suk Yeol and Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman of Saudi Arabia made a historic agreement to elevate the bilateral relationship between the two nations to a forward-looking strategic partnership.

The two countries vowed to enhance cooperation in various critical areas, notably the NEOM City project, electric vehicle initiatives and mobility solutions.

In addition, the Saudi government has embarked on a bold transformation program known as "Vision 2030." This ambitious initiative seeks to transition the nation into a non-oil-based, advanced technology and environmentally sustainable powerhouse.

"Korea will actively cooperate to ensure the successful implementation of 'Vision 2030' and the NEOM project, solidifying our role as a strategic partner to Saudi Arabia," Minister of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport Won Hee-ryong said.

"I hope that our Korean companies, equipped with exceptional technology and capabilities, will become the best partners to lead the success of the NEOM project."

As the event neared its conclusion, appreciation was extended to Won for his endeavors in strengthening these relations with a symbolic gesture ― a model of "The Line" project in NEOM city ― a token of gratitude for his pivotal role in fostering stronger ties between the two nations.

Kim Hyun-bin


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