Shinsegae to open integrated shopping mall in Gwangju

Artist's rendering of Starfield Mall in Gwangju / Courtesy of Shinsegae

By Kim Jae-heun

Shinsegae will build an integrated shopping mall, Starfield, in Gwangju, the first of its kind in the southwestern part of the country, the company said Wednesday. In addition, the retailer will expand its department store in the city to create Gwangju Shinsegae Art & Culture Park with an aim to turn it into a landmark shopping center.

"Starfield Gwangju" will be established on the site of Eodeung Mountain's tourist complex and visitors can enjoy various activities there from shopping, gaming, watching movies and relaxing in the park.

The company views the touristic site as the perfect spot to erect its integrated shopping mall due to its plentiful space, where it can construct a variety of activity facilities. Shinsegae said it will open some 300 brand stores in the shopping center and build an urban water park there.

For its department store extension, Shinsegae will utilize a parking lot located in front of its Gwangju store in the city's Seo District.

The retailer predicts the construction of the integrated shopping mall will create 30,000 jobs. Then an additional 25,000 jobs for the expansion of the department store in Gwangju.

The company plans to contribute to the economic revitalization of Gwangju by hiring local residents first and opening local business owners' stores in the mall.

Shinsegae will also establish local corporations in Gwangju to operate Starfield Mall in the city.

"We will develop Starfield Gwangju as an integrated shopping mall with distinguished content and leisure activities that can make it a touristic landmark in the city," a Shinsegae official said.

Kim Jae-heun

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