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Puppy saves a lost girl in Siberia

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Kyrachaan, the hero pet dog saved an infant girl.
Kyrachaan, the hero pet dog saved an infant girl.
A puppy helped an infant girl survive the Siberian wilderness, according to news reports.

According to the Siberian Times, Karina Chikitova, 3, became lost after wandering away from home in search of her father, who was visiting a neighboring village.

Fortunately, the family's pet dog, Kyrachaan, accompanied Karina when she lost her way in a forest about six kilometers away from home.

Kyrachaan cuddled with the girl to keep her warm at night. After nine days, the dog found the way back home and led people to where Karina was, according to the newspaper.

Karina Chikitova, right.
Karina Chikitova, right.

The Toronto Sun reports that the girl "looked surprisingly well" when rescuers showed up, having followed the puppy to her hiding spot in a large tuft of grass.

Local government authorities are considering investigating Karina's family over suspicions of child negligence.


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