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SK Broadband launches TV channels

Media S employees pose marking the launch of the company's new TV channels, in this provided photo. Courtesy of SK Broadband
Media S employees pose marking the launch of the company's new TV channels, in this provided photo. Courtesy of SK Broadband

By Kim Bo-eun

SK Broadband said its subsidiary Media S launched two TV channels, Thursday. This is part of the company's plan to set up a value chain in the media business that encompasses content, channels and platforms.

SK is seeking to differentiate its new TV channels from others by having exclusive content make up 70 percent of the programs offered. The channels are "Channel S" and another channel focusing on content for regions outside of the Seoul metropolitan area.

SK Broadband set up Media S as a multiple program provider in January. The new entity kicked off operations with the launch of the channels.

"Media S, with creative and meaningful content, will communicate with viewers and provide new value," CEO Kim Hyuk was quoted as saying in a press release. Kim also serves as SK Broadband's head of media strategy.

"We will maximize synergy by expanding the distribution of original content through real-time broadcast channels and B tv," he said. B tv is SK Broadband's internet protocol television (IPTV) service.

The company is seeking to focus on exclusive content through partnerships and investments. Media S joined hands with Kakao Entertainment to offer KakaoTV's original content on its channel. KakaoTV is an entertainment platform that can be accessed by users of the dominant mobile messenger KakaoTalk.

Media S has also partnered with local over-the-top (OTT) media services provider Wavve, which has pledged to invest 1 trillion won in diversified content. Wavve ― operated by SK Telecom and Korea's three major broadcasters, KBS, SBS, MBC ― holds the largest market share among local OTT platforms.

Original content is another area of focus for the program provider ― it is working with entertainment firm SM C&C to produce their own content. As an affiliate of SM Entertainment Group, SM C&C operates businesses in visual content production, advertising and celebrity management.

In addition, Media S is planning production with small and medium-sized program providers to support them and scale up the size of the market.

SK Broadband said Media S' new channels are launching programs with star emcees such as Kang Ho-dong, Shin Dong-yup, Lee Kyung-kyu and Kim Gu-ra. Media S and SM C&C have co-produced the programs. The new channels began airing programs, Thursday.

SK Broadband is a subsidiary of SK Telecom, offering ICT services spanning broadband internet, IPTV services, media content and business solutions.

Kim Bo-eun


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