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Record rainfall pounds Seoul region, leaving 8 dead and 6 missing

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By Lee Min-young, Kim Kang-min

Record rainfall pounded most of the Seoul metropolitan region on Monday and Tuesday leaving 8 people dead and 6 others missing. The downpour flooded and destroyed roads and subway stations, triggered landslides, clogged underground water drainage systems, and forced the evacuations of people living in low-lying areas.

It was the highest amount of rainfall per hour witnessed in the capital region in 80 years, according to the Korea Meteorological Administration, the country's central weather monitoring organization. Seoul's Dongjak District was bombarded with the heaviest downpour in the city with 422 millimeters falling on Monday alone.

The amount of rain seen so far on Monday and Tuesday is almost equal to the volume the city sees on average in the entire month of July. Between 200 to 400 millimeters of rainfall also pummeled the cities of Yeoju, Gwangju and Yangpyeong County in Gyeonggi Province as well as Hoengseong and Hongcheon counties in Gangwon Province on the same day.

Lee Min-young
Kim Kang-min

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