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videoIlbe members under fire for vandalism

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Two self-identifying Ilbe members posted footage of them vandalizing a yellow poster on the wall, which was put up to commemorate victims of the Sewol tragedy.

Ilbe, a website full of self-proclaimed right wingers, is known for the members' "insensitive and malicious" posting of short messages and photos that insult the victims and their families.

One person was taping another, who is presumed to be in his late teens or early twenties, committing the act in the dark of the night.

The one who was taping said, "You have to do the thing with your hand."

And the one who ripped off the poster made of signs with his hand signifying Korean alphabet ‘ㅇ' and ‘ㅂ' both of which are the first syllable of ‘Il' and ‘be'

The caption read, "Why in the world should there be a poster written ‘We will remember the sadness and the rage' on it in Seoul? The city Seoul has nothing to do with the Sewol tragedy itself, and someone is trying to use this to boost their political agenda right before the local election."

The footage set off a firestorm online.

One ID user Hwan** said, "These ‘hikikomori' psychopathic worms. They do this only with their identities hidden."

Another ID user TreeLi**** said, "It seems like doing something deviant is their source of excitement. Please have a habit that is of the self-loving kind."

Another ID user DongHyuk**** wrote, "The footage is to criticize those who try to politicize the national tragedy and play it to their advantage. I wonder who put up the poster in the first place. New Politics Alliance for Democracy (NPAD)? Or Unified Progressive Party (UPP)? I have a pretty good idea."

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