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VIDEOWhat if K-pop star is sitting next to you?

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Video by Yun Da-been

Fronted by the lead single, "Smooth Sailing," the fresh mini-album carries three other tunes ― "Mess with my Mind," "Sorry So Sorry" and "Little Me." According to Cignature members, all of them have different tones and messages.

"Smooth Sailing" is a funky song about girls experiencing their first loves, while "Mess with My Mind" is about lingering feelings after a breakup. "Sorry So Sorry" is a kiss-off anthem and "Little Me" centers on the theme of youth. Simply put, the new EP is a compilation of diverse themes that young listeners can easily relate to.

"Our lead single is bright and upbeat, but other tracks have contrasting vibes," Semi said. "We attempted to reveal different sides of us depending on the mood of the songs."

Yun Da-been


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